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Thread: Daihatsu Terios

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    Daihatsu Terios

    Has anyone on here had any experience of the Daihatsu Terios 1.5? In particular how would it compare with the Grand Vitara?

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    Thanks spaceball. Most helpful and informative!

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    Sorry lad I couldnt resist
    What size of fella are you??

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    Quote Originally Posted by old keeper View Post
    Has anyone on here had any experience of the Daihatsu Terios 1.5? In particular how would it compare with the Grand Vitara?
    With fuel prices going through the roof i am seriously thinking of downgrading my Defender 90 to something more economical as i do a 50 mile round trip 4 nights a week to my permissions and was looking at the Terios myself.atb ED

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    I'll give you my tuppence worth. If you are anyway a big lad the terios is not for you. I'm 6.3 and weigh 17 stone. Mechanically good but just no room in it. The vitara on the other is bigger than the terios and a very good machine. if I were to pick one it would be the vitara.
    Hope this helps

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    I seem to remember Top Gear doing a test a while back, being chased by a fox hunt ?
    Clarckson is not a miget and he liked it as I remember.
    Found the video, but not watched it since it was on TV Jeremy takes a Daihatsu Terios hunting (series 11, episode 5) - BBC Top Gear


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    Spaceball, no offence taken especially as you called me a lad at well past 70 that's a bonus!
    Also I am not taking offence as you are certainly a big booger. my miserable 5'10'' 10 stone swiftly withering frame would struggle against your magnificent physique!
    I have been using a Mitsubishi challenger 3 litre for years, brilliant car (ideal for the larger shooter!) but getting ridiculously dear to fill up. Little old men need little vehicles. I test drove a Terios and was impressed with its handling off road. Fuel is also good, and although Daihatsus have always been a bit looked down on I have a couple of mates who have really old models and they just keep going. There are some bits on u-tube showing them in action, quite impressive.
    Finall SB you are probably right I did own and enjoy an MX5 for years, now THAT is a hairdressers car!!

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    Old Keeper, Talking of hairdressers cars 6pointer now has a Rav 4 but he used to have a girlie pink Daihatsu 1.5. You could pm him for more details but I gather that he rated it quite highly. Personally I would think that the Vitara would be a better vehicle with the low box option but if you don't need it why have it.
    Another mate has the older 1.2 petrol which would not pull you out of bed and certainly is not roomy but is still fairly capable of road with a set of ATs fitted. I believe the 1.5 version is slightly wider.

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    +1 on the vitara.

    been using vitaras for some years and they are top in my book,

    plenty of room with the seats down or removed, i can fit both a fallow tray and a roe tray in the back, 2 rifles hunting boots bags and my dog.

    i have the lwb diesel and love it,(more leg/elbow room in the front than a landrover) lifted it by 2" both body and suspension (done for me when i got it) but never had a problem in the mud blood and guts...EVER.

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