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Thread: .300 wetherby magnum

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    .300 wetherby magnum

    My mate has a mint little used .300 wetherby mag mk 5 for sale that he bought new in the early 90s, its very acurate with 180s 1/2 / 3/4" groups , i can buy the lot for very little money lots of new cases die's loaded ammo etc etc.

    I have shot it and although it packs a fair punch its no more than some large wildfowling gus i have owned, if i go with this all the load development is already done and he says it has taken very large deer with ease which would be its primary role.

    Does anyone have any experience of this calibre and if so how do they rate it ? df

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    In my own opinion, having had many American clients bring them over in the past, and even one or two english clients. I hate them!! loud, kick like a donkey and overgunned for the UK.

    For Africa it is a fairly popular calibre, although 30.06 will do the same as a 300 win in my book. Had a guy recently with one, no muzzle brake or moderator, couldnt even hold a group with it!! and he did not use it on my ground, he used my 270 instead. But if a 300 rings your bell get it, but everyone will know where you are when you let it off.

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    I have never used one for Deer stalking although I have shot a couple. Any chambering capable of throwing a 200grain bullet at 3000fps is going to give you a bit of a shove but, that's to be expected whenever the word MAGNUM is in the title.

    It's 300 H&H case and has accounted for a good few beasts out in Africa I'll wager. My bullet of choice would be the 180's and it sounds like they suit the rifle anyway.

    Obviously it won't be evryones cup of tea but, I like them. I think the recoil it adds to the experience, makes me smile anyway. If the police will allow it I would be all over it it chap.

    If you can get a decent magnum mod that will help with the noise or like with the Atec maxim mod, add a couple more baffles and enjoy yourself.


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    If you can shoot it, it will certainly get the job done, loud doesn't begin to describe it though. Really needs a Mod as Moses says.

    There is a reason it is cheap though, when it comes to resale time you will not be able to give it away.....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Bob as you know totally different shooting one of your 4ga to a big Rifle. I have a .300 Win-Mag using 185gr Mega Rib shoot Munty cwd and Roe you will be surprised how little the damage using a soft constucted projectile !!!!!!! CARNAGE big time with a Mod my .300 w-m you can see the bullet strike un-moderated its a complete Animal to shoot as for accuratise if i do my job ( two members off here have seen me do it ) you can hit a drawing pin at 200yrds no prob's Long winded i say right projectile mod fitted go for it and enjoy

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    I did originally put in for .375 but as i was advised by members on here my firearms department seemed to be a reluctant to issue just for large deer alone.
    After talking to the depatment manager this morning who clarified this i have decided to go for a .300 wetherby mag instead, which in the long run i think in my circumstance with no african trip on the horison and the availability of a cheap proven accurate rifle with all the kit is the way forward. Df

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    Hi mateI've got a 300 win mag which I presume is a similar story. I love it to bits but it really does kick. Meat damage wise with the 180 gr it is fine even on the smaller species. Get a mod and or a decent stock and you'll be able to hit anything with the first few shots, I shot 10 rounds out of it yesterday and even with an aics stock I had a sore shoulder this morn.Hope this helps Sean

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    Nothing wrong with the 300wby,the 300H&H is the parent chamber,& fireforming is simple, without the need to trim cases every reload.
    Any 300 H&H is easily converted to this chambering.All my H&H's have undergone this, 15 plus years ago, including all the 375's.
    A very wise decision,as its increased my choices of powders (hard to fit enough extruded stick powders in the H&H's),saved time on case preperation & dollars on brass by forming using factory H&H' rounds. H&H factories are used up on pest reduction/culls & the cost of brass goes unnoticed.
    For a travelling hunter the wby conversions can be a boon, as it can provide the option of using either cartridge in the "dual chamber"if your caught short or your ammo goes missing (also another reason to "Lott" your 458win if it can feed them).

    Anyone without a medical condition can learn to shoot 300wby rounds with comfort.I know myself I need to put at least 200 rounds a year through "heavy" rifles to control them well.I don't consider the 300wby as a "heavy" rifle.

    A good 200gr projectile would be my choice for this round,even on medium sized deer.

    Cheers Sharkey

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    In many ways it is a BETTER cartridge than the 300 Winchester Magnum BUT it suffers from being, like the 300 H & H a large capacity case.

    So that means that, to be safe, any re-load will always have to use a larger quantity of powder than used in the 30-06 or even 300 Winchester Magnum.

    My advice? It would have to be very, very cheap to tempt me. Very cheap indeed.

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    Yes it is very cheap and also mint too, comes with the loaded rounds that shoot well in it plus all the loading kit.
    A lot to be said about a try before you buy a rifle all singing and dancing, and probably less sore shoulder developing a load !
    Although i could tell i had fired it i have certainly had worse ! i remember shooting a 2 bore shoulder gun on the solway when i was a youth 6oz of shot and 14 drams of black that made my eye's water.
    Also a fired 4" chambered double discharge 8 ga that could send just over 6oz of shot from either shoulder or punt , along with a 4ga rifle loaded up to the hilt to propel conical slugs so i think i could manage it or i hope so df

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