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Thread: The lure of an attractive woman...

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    The lure of an attractive woman...

    This is a little tale of my first stalk during last years rut. On previous outings to this field I have spotted this buck, but poor backstops, kids playing in adjoining gardens etc have prevented me from taking the shot. Late one summer evening the mood took me to go for one more look around as I know damn well this buck will appear if I time it right. Once I'd got kitted out I began to sneak along a hedge line, trying to make for a seat up under a tree ( didn't want to walk too far, too hot) As I rounded the end of the hedge I scanned the field of knee deep grass slowly. Scattered about the field were various fallen branches and dead wood, but as it was such a still evening I was very curious to see some 'twigs' sticking up about 80 yards away swaying gently left to, surely not..surely...? Stalk in close son, stalk in close....closer...I got to 50 yards of these 'twigs' and got the sticks up. Lo, twas Mr. Buck! I felt some wind on my back, and thought this could be game over , but no. Go on son, you can get closer than that, if you get winded at least I'll learn something....Why have you not run off yet? Waited 5 minutes in the aim, got bored.... got to 25 yards, any moment I'm going to stamp on a dry twig . That's it , safety off THUMP, top neck shot and staying down. After 30 seconds a deer leaps up and scarpers into the wood opposite..S#IT!!How can this happen, what the hell?!! It turns out Mr Buck had been lying with his woman and was more interested in her than he was in me. Just shows me how rutting behaviour can distract man![/url]

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    A prime example of not thinking with his head


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    More like thinking with the wrong head?

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    How can you call a bullet through the nasal passage just below the eye a "top neck shot".

    No disrespect Richard and I am only going by your picture, but I recon you were lucky to drop him.


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