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Thread: wounded deer/ poaching

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    wounded deer/ poaching

    went out for a walk on my way home from work with the dog(cocker spainel) round a bit off land i have permission too shoot on,
    seen a few deer on one part off it so was quite happy.
    i had been struggling to see deer even when out for foxes with the lamp so thought somthing was wrong,
    went to the far end of this piece of land and my thoughts were proved right.
    spotted a nice buck acting strange,thought it had its mouth open and was struggling,so got back in the landrover and went home for the 223 and my bins, was 30 miles so thought i might not get chance too put this beast out off its missery, but found him sheltering under some trees.
    glassed him for a min and new i had too shoot him, got out the truck with gun and shooting sticks and tried to get to a clearing in the trees, the sheep in the field behind me thought they were getting their food so started making a real noise and the buck got spooked, so got the gun on the sticks an took the shot with 55gr BT at about 75yrds the shot was a bit high, straight through the spine but dropped him on the spot and stopped his suffering.
    when we got too the buck it was quite clear what the problem had been, there was nothing left off his lower jaw and it was his tounge that was hanging down which made me think he had his mouth open,this wound was rotten and he had nothing left in his stomach, took some photos but not great with computers and not the nicest off things too post.

    this might be a stupid question but how long do you think this beast had been suffering for too empty its stomach completely??

    wish i had seen him sooner bit pi###d off i took so long to find him.

    not sure if its poachers, but have been stopped by the police on a few occasions whilst lamping foxes,
    i had forgot to phone and tell them i was going out.

    hope i havent bored you

    regards marshall

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    good on you mate, not poachers, they go for the safe kill.

    this sounds like it is the result of a stalker trying to take a fancy headshot, end of story. hope those doing it in practise in non-fenced areas take notice of this story..

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    Well done mate!
    Glad you managed to catch up with him!
    If his lower jaw is missing it does sound like a bungled head shot


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    Theres one thing which will put you off head shooting and thats a deer with no bottom jaw suffering! Post the pics..

    Could be poachers, if it had been another legitimate stalker then they may have shyed away from a head shot as it was a buck, unless they were desperate for the meat/cash...?

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    im no pro stalker, but i no its hard enough to shoot roe without trying all these fancy head shots,not the biggest off heads too shoot!!
    hope the person/persons involved have learnt by this horendious mistake and severe suffering it has caused.
    hope this makes people think twice if their not the greatest off shots or a better shot might be presented!!!
    not interested in head shooting myself, would rather shoot the engin room too make sure its a dead beast, as they all go im my freezer not the game dealers.

    regard marshall

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    seeing this beast made me feel sick, not many things make me feel sick.
    will try and get the girlfriend too to upload the photos

    regards marshall

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    Quote Originally Posted by marshall View Post
    hope the person/persons involved have learnt by this horendious mistake and severe suffering it has caused.

    regard marshall
    I bet whoever pulled the trigger went home happily thinking that their shot was a clean miss.
    I wonder how many so-called "misses" result in horrible suffering? Quite a few, I bet.

    The thought of accidentally shooting the jaw off an animal and leaving it to starve gives me the heebie-jeebies. I don't think I'd ever be quite comfortable taking a head shot on anything bigger than a rabbit!

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    Well done Marshall, whenever I go out on my ground even just for a walk I rarely go without a rifle, you just never know what you will see, or may need to despatch. The worst I have come across are broken legs and they can look pretty awful but nothing like that.

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    Good job well done Marshall
    Both in finishing that poor beast off AND posting those pics
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Once shot a rabbit with a 0.223" from a long way off. When I got to it I discovered that it was still alive but had no bottom jaw - made me feel sick. After putting it out of it's misery I vowed not to head shOot anything after this. Twenty plus years the image remains with me.
    Marshall you done well to put this animal out of its misery.

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