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Thread: Meopta Binoculars ?????

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    Meopta Binoculars ?????

    Anybody useing Meopta Meostar binoculars ?
    I have been offered a pair at a good price, but will have to buy without trying.
    I have used Meopta scopes, both the 6x42 and 7x50 and found them very good, not a Zeiss or Swaro
    but much better than the price might suggest.
    So lets hear from users past or present, good and bad.


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    Anybody, I have to make a decision on this in the next 10 hours


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    I have friends in the trade who allowed me to look through their range of binoculars in a rural setting at very last light into darkness. Whilst the Meoptas were not quite as good as the most expensive stuff, it was a close run thing. As for value for money then it has to be excellent.

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    I have a pair and they do me for both here and in Africa.


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    Thanks everybody, well those who replied anyway
    Decision made, I have a pair of Meostar 10-32's on the way to me
    32 mm as they are easier to carry in a pocket, 10x well because I can never make my mind up between 8 and 10 X
    I could have had 8 x ones but at retail, which is now nearly 700, this pair will have come to me at about half that and
    are brand new and sealed in the box.


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    They arrived this morning, delighted with them so far.


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