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Thread: Syndicate Member Wanted for South West Edinburgh (NO DSC needed)

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    Syndicate Member Wanted for South West Edinburgh (NO DSC needed)


    A college of mine has 1500 acre block of woodland /moorlandstalking south west of Edinburgh up for lease.
    The nearest town is West Calder

    Around 1000 acres of fairly open woodland along with clearfell patches and good rides and the rest open more land.
    There is several high seats in strategic positions on theland.
    It has a good head of deer but not anything in the way ofreal trophy bucks. But the land gives up around 30 roe and the odd sika peryear. The carcass belongs to the rifle
    The land is open to all stalkers including the inexperiencedguys out there. But I have been informed that it is possibly more suited to theexperience stalker.

    There is only 5 places available at 600 per gun.
    Lease runs from April 2012
    Stalkers need open ticket and insurance.
    No DSC needed
    For further details PM me and I will pass on the Leaseholders phone number.
    Cheers Andrew
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    Are you sure about West Calder being the nearest town. I know that area very well and I would be very surprised if there is even the odd sika anywhere within 20 miles of West Calder. Perhaps West Linton?
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    This is a classic example of things being advertised on behalf of others. Andrew I'm sure it is a genuine offer but would it have not been better for your friend to have joined the site and advertised this himself. There is money involved in this and that alone should surely be enough for people to quite openly state their case themselves, advertising is becoming quite a blurred area on here lately no doubt due to the sites increasing popularity and potential "client base". This does not mean though that we or our members are here to be taken advantage of, we shall have to look closely at the way things are being offered on here in the future. I have no doubt that whatever decision we come to will offend some and inconvenience others but I am afraid that if people cannot do the right thing then we shall have to impose guidelines relating to advertising items.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Would agree,Jayb, why not consider any lease for profit, trade? Trade payment from holder not third party, then we know if it is a business, jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza View Post
    I know that area very well and I would be very surprised if there is even the odd sika anywhere within 20 miles of West Calder.
    They might be worlds apart, but West Calder is less than 20 miles from Stobo

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    The migration of Sika from the area of Peebleshire has been quite strange. They seemed very keen to move in a northerly, westwards and southerly direction, but not so much to the east. These are rough directions before anyone gives me eastings and northings.

    I was told that a Sika stag had been seen not far from Lauder last year by guys that have done a bit of stalking. I put a post up here about it.

    Whilst I suppose it is not impossible for the odd Sika to find its way in that direction I would also suggest like the posts above are, that there is no way a resident population could be considered as being in that area.

    Having said that, a fallow buck was found trapped in a garden in Edinburgh about 10 years ago after wandering in to the city from a population in the area of South Queensferry. The owner of the garden did not then advertise syndicate places....

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    i very much doubt any sika out there. i am between said area and west linton with 7500 acres and never seen any sign of sika, nearest sika reported is 3 miles south of westlinton. good luck with filling the places

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