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Thread: anyone need a lamping partner or other general shooting ?

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    anyone need a lamping partner or other general shooting ?

    hi guys anyone in the Worcestershire area need a lamping partner or someone to help out with vermin ? i need to get out a bit more but finding land hard to get land here in Worcestershire. i am not looking to steal or go on anyone's land behind there back. i wouldnt do that to anyone thats for sure.

    i do have 4 or 5 permissions around the Worcestershire area and anyone is welcome to have a go on those with me in return fox [ some rabbits not a great deal] there is also munty and roe about but never seen them in great numbers. the shoots not massive but will get you out for a couple of hours.

    i have shooting insurance and open fac for rimfire and cf rifles. i also have a air rifle so ideal around the barns for vermin etc. as i said not looking to tread on anyone's toes. just good to meet like minded people.

    im more then willing just to hold the lamp if need be.

    it might get to the stage where i will have to maybe offer money to farmers just to shoot the vermin ! mind i could be happy with that if it will get me some good amount of acres to shoot over. i dont really know anyone local who does this type of shooting.

    only a couple of shotgun boys who do pigeon shooting with decoys.
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    You are too far from us to join In here jay, otherwise we could have a beautiful relationship...So come on members, a helping hand please for the new boy!

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    hi mark bit of a drive isn't it. i still have a free days roe shooting down by you. a lad off the bbs forum gave me for helping him out with some bits i picked up from local smith for him. your more then welcome to have the free day. but as you said before you have enough of your own ground to get round

    off to minehead in the coming months for a week. so might give you a ring be your lamp man for a night

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    Hope you find someone mate, must be plenty of chaps down your way. Ill alos vouch for Jay if any of you are thinking about inviting him out but unsure. Top bloke.

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