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    Exclamation 40

    40 today!

    Starting to feel it too!


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    Happy Buffday
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    40 aye add the vat on to that lol,must have had a up hill paper round
    all the best enjoy

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    Happy birthday buddy. Have one on me!!

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    40-- A mere whippersnapper Happy b'day anyway

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    for me it all went downhill ,time to get to the docs,the dentist ,the optiction ,i ended up having the snip ,falseteeth and think i need specs !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY


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    Happy birthday. Enjoy your day.

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    Thanks guys!
    I'm away for the weekend the mrs has arranged a weekend stay in the gleneagles resort!
    Planned activities include clay pigeon shooting, 4x4 off roading and hot tub shenanigans

    Think i'll need a rest next week!!


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    Happy birthday!
    Its just a number, wait until you reach the half century, then the mind is still young but the body lets you down!
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    Quite a mile stone, I remember mine well. At 40 we are either halfway there or even closer, we just don't know it! It's a good time to make changes. All the stuff you love, family, holidays, sport etc, make an effort to spend more time on. All the stuff you don't like, work, DIY, etc, turn into low priority tasks, just do what you have to. Worked for me. Always remember, when a man is dying, he never wishes he had more time to go to work! Have a great day, sorry for the lecture.


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