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Thread: anyone hear that explosion ?

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    anyone hear that explosion ?

    i was doing the dogs about half six and there was one hell of a boom , i could feel the shock wave . Sounded like over chipping norton . My niece made me laugh , she came outside looking a bit blurry eyed "what was that ? it blew my catflap open !"

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    The MoD revealed it was from a Typhoon responding to an emergency call.

    The Ministry of Defence initially said it was investigating what was behind the loud noise, but a spokesman later confirmed it was from one of two RAF Typhoons that had been launched following an emergency call from a helicopter.

    The MoD said the Typhoons, from the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA), based at RAF Conningsby in Lincolnshire, were scrambled and authorised to go supersonic after the small civilian helicopter had emitted an emergency signal. (BBC News site)

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    No, it was my unmoderated 30-06.
    Remember Concorde? When we used to go out foxing at night just before we heard the sonic boom the pheasants would all kick off, this could be about 10 seconds before we heard it, explain that one!
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    A few years back we used to hear the sonic boom every morning as Concorde went through the sound barrier some where over the Irish sea and we live in Monmouthshire. You could set your clock by it ten to eleven every morning, a sort of double hollow boom. I wish we could still hear it these days.
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    love sonic booms and slow-mo pictures, once saw one in a low altitude fly-by set up, it's really something, but wear your ear defenders!

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    I'm shocked that they had 2 servicable.I bet the members of the 2 wing master race were over the moon to be cleared supersonic over land.

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    But what could a supersonic typhoon do to assist a helicopter in distress?

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    assist in shooting it down.possible terrorist hijack?

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    Get eyes on faster than a SAR heli can, and coordinate any rescue if needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    But what could a supersonic typhoon do to assist a helicopter in distress?
    Nada..very true.

    probably just a cover story for a couple of RAF lads breaking the rules on their last day tbh.

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