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Thread: It seems you can't please everyone!!!

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    It seems you can't please everyone!!!

    Taking out stalking clients can be a testing experience at the best of times. We feel we're pretty fair on both our prices, and the level of expertise we deploy in order to ensure we end up with a satisfied customer.

    Our guides always try their best to get the client the experience and the shots they are looking for, but - as I'm sure most professional stalkers know - when the weather is against you, the wind all over the place, and the deer not doing what you had expected, the job can become stressful for both the guide and client alike. Add this to the fact that you are being followed by a noisy and inattentive client, and there's only ever going to be one outcome.

    For the first time we had a Belgian client become very unhappy because he hadn't shot the beasts he had expected to. It is obvious that this gentleman thought that the stalking would entail sitting in a high seat and blasting numerous animals in an evening (which he assured us he had done on other estates).

    On a carefully managed estate where deer numbers are maintained within the carrying capacity of the woodlands, then to get your deer you're going to at least have to put some work into it.

    Surprised was I, to receive a complaint from our client DEMANDING free stalking OR ELSE! (so you might see a thread emerge from Belgium pretty soon!!).

    I would just like to remind anyone planning to stalk wild deer with us that we are dealing with wild animals which have a mind of their own, they go where they want to and when they want to.

    Whilst all our guides work hard and give their best to help the client get his/her beast, they are not magicians who can make deer appear at will, nor are they adept at summoning divine intervention to change weather patterns because we have a client out, so that leaves us with good old fashioned luck - and unfortunately on this occasion, luck favoured the deer.

    Watch for the incoming!!! ..... And I'd be interested to hear from other stalkers who have had similar experiences.

    Best wishes


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    There are no certainties in stalking, and most "sporting" stalkers understand that and indeed recognise it as one of its attractions. As the French would say "c'est la chasse".

    If all the pleasure comes from pulling the trigger then better they choose a target range as the destination.

    Don't let it detract from all the other great experiences you, and your other clients, have had.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Remember standing in the hockham deer management tent at the midland and having to supress a laugh when a punter was asking the bloke whether a beast was guaranteed on an outing and appearing surprised when they couldn't say it would. Where do these people come from?!?


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    Put him in a deer park next time, just an idea.

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    Plainly your client had no idea of what deer stalking is all about....& there are probably many similar folk who 'Hunt' from a high seat in Europe. Shame really that your client appears not to have gained enjoyment from being out in the wild actually hunting, rather than waiting to ambush his quarry from somewhere tucked up & cosy.
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    Leave your Client to us I am sure he will provide us with good sport. I to offer hunting and the kill to outing rate works out to about 2.5 outings to a kill, however some pepole seem to do better than others.
    Some people are 'deer blind', there can be deer infront of them and the cannot seem them unless you point them out, they never glass enough and they are normally short of field craft skills.
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    I have stalked with Jelen many times now and have shot a good few beasts with them. I have always seen animals even if I have not pulled the trigger through my own decision or the animal did not present a safe shot what ever the out come I have enjoyed the day for what it was a stalk in some cracking countryside. Maybe this chap should look at his own stalking capabilities before putting down a superb outfit such as Jelen. I'm afraid if you are huffing and puffing about and crunching around what do you expect. If only Carlsberg made stalkers. Best of luck Mike hope to catch up soon.

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    A very honest and up-front post there.
    I have had only a couple in seven years. Both times invovling 2 friends, 1 had success the second didn't.
    1 was not happy to be sat and had paid for "stalking".....even when the conditions didn't favour stalking,(yds did its best with its knowledge of the grounds to try and produce deer).
    One sent a snotty email shortly after returning home ....rather then say something to me on the trip, (i could have walked him all over the wolds for hours if thats what he wanted with very little chance of deer in those bleak conditions). But not knowing I did my best for him.....what i would have done if out on my own.
    the other time an unsuccessful client sulked in his hotel room on the last day while his mate went out stalking, the sulky one recently rang me for a letter for his renewal(even after owing money he wouldn't pay the whole amount even though my guides were available it was his choice to stay in, I had to send staff home and still pay them) and then when i refused said i thought i was god (ring a bell??)
    I'm afraid we have to meet all sorts of people and can only hope the good outweigh the bad. But 2 in 100's i can cope with. What i do find is many novices DO expect you are god and can just conjure up a deer, not always LOL
    regards john

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    Quote Originally Posted by devon deer stalker View Post
    Put him in a deer park next time, just an idea.
    I would expect that this client would still find an issue with this type of culling. Some people are only happy when they're moaning. We've all met them and they come from all walks of life. Clearly an idiot who should go and do something else instead! Just ignore him Mike and never entertain him again. As soon as we start bowing down to these people then the end is near! Most people enjoy the thrill of the hunt regardless of the outcome. Clearly not this bloke!
    I'll take a stalk with you Mike, as soon as my pennies have built up and I'm sure that it will be enjoyable regardless and will write a true report on our day out in our wonderful county!
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    The fact that sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't makes it hunting. The client clearly confused this with killing which is a totally different activity. The unpredictability adds to the enjoyment of the day in my book. Hope it works out ok for you.


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