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Thread: First buck with the new rifle, thanks to ezzy6.5

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    Thumbs up First buck with the new rifle, thanks to ezzy6.5

    Hi folks,
    I bought a rifle off of this site last week from ezzy6.5 and just thought I would write a quick post. The rifle I bought is a mint .308 t3 lite setup and I bought this mainly for reds and sika and after picking it up decided to zero it in on Sunday, after only 6 rounds I was getting fantastic groups so was well happy and the plan was to get up early on Monday and try for an old buck that had eluded me last season.
    The alarm went off at 5 and after a caffeine hit I was out of the door and on my way. When I arrived it was already light and a bit late for my liking and sure enough as I glassed the ground I watched 6 roe going into the copse, 4 does a small 4 pointer and a good 6 pointer so it seems the old buck had been pushed out and replaced with a good beast with a fine head. Leaving them alone I walked the boundary hedge to see what was about and just as I got over the brow in the wheat field I glassed an old doe under and the hedge and to her left under a holly bush out of the wind was the old buck that had eluded me for so long, he was now a good one to take out with the other buck now taking his place. With the wind in my face I was in the perfect position so slowly got down and belly crawled to the brow estimating the buck to be around 125 yds I slowly got the rifle on the bipod and waited for the chance for a shot when he stood up. 35 mins later!! He decided to get up and presented me with a perfect broad side shot , squeezing the trigger I sent the sako 123 gr bullet into the engine room and with a short dash he was down. Walking up to him I could see the head was starting to go back so well happy with the result and the rifle. Just to say thanks to Stuart for the great communication and smooth transaction, top bloke

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    Nice one mate good wrte up and nice buck! Hope the rifle brings you many more successful trips! All the best, mo

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    Quote Originally Posted by olivhar01 View Post
    The rifle I bought is a mint .308 t3 lite setup
    I love my T3 Lite!

    Great write-up!

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    Nice write up, good luck with the rifle. I love mine too.

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    Brilliant mate,
    I am really pleased you are happy with it. it's nice to see it's gone to a good home and is getting some use. It was a pleasure doing buisness with you.

    Regards, Stuart

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