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    Question Pecar 'Scopes

    Chaps(and chapesses),

    I've got a couple of old Pecars on my rifles, and apart from knowing that the firm went bust at some point, and the 'scopes were good in their day, I don't know much about them. I know that all the answers I'm fishing for are on the net if I look hard enough, so feel free to disregard this if you like, but I would think there's some folk on here who will know anyway.

    "Good for their day", just as with Britool socket sets and old Land Rovers, means still fairly good now to my mind, so, when did they go bust, what happened, what did they used to cost, and what 'scopes would they compare with if they were still in production today?

    I'd just like to know a bit more about some old, but perfectly functional kit I'm still using.

    Cheers in advance,


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    you can search for threads on the forum that will cover a lot of the Pecar history mate.

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    Have a look at the website below, it has a lot of interesting reading on Pecar scopes, I came across it a while back when looking for more info on my Pecar scope and Enfield Enforcer.

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    Pecar sort of bucked the trends. They had some rather odd sizes for one thing like the 3-7x35mm. I suppose one could say the same about Weaver too. But Pecar took it to another level with their interchangeable reticle system. They also stayed using the moving reticle system longer than most. They did adopt the moving image, where the reticle stays centred in the field of view on their Champion range, but the old moving reticle system was renowned for it's ruggedness which is probably what won them the Enforcer contract.

    I still own some Pecar scopes, one, a 3-7x35, which I brought cheap knowing it needed service/repair, the other is a 3x35 Champion with Duplex reticle.

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    I heard that Pecar problems lay in that they were a family business more concerned with producing excellent glass for a reasonable price, than marketing and advertising. Apparently they produced a scope for Lee Enfields in 2005 in the spirit of the famous No.32 sniper scope, but I've never seen one.

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    Don't know much about them other than the estate rifle that I had in the early 80s had one, OK scope with a solid steel body not alloy like a lot are today.

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    They were a very popular scope with pro roo shooters here in the 60s, 70s and 80s in outback Australia. Able to take the hard use and vibration / knocks when living in a truck driven on rough farm roads. In NZ they had nowhere near the popularity due to issues with them fogging due to poor seals or perhaps lack of it. These same comments apply to the kahles steel tubed scopes and subsequent ofthe silver wire reticles that they used before going to alloy tubes and etched glass reticles.

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    They are excellent scopes, german but the coatings are soft so be very gentle when you clean them.


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    I have a 4-10 x 42. I think it was one of the last produced before they went bust, probably about 2006. It seems as good as my S&B (made in West Germany so pre reunification). I suspect Pecar's demise was down to not being big enough and not compromising by shifting manufacture to a lower cost location, as S&B have done to a large extent. It would be interesting to know the ratio of Hungarian to equivalent German built scopes S&B sell.
    They are a good scope which more than does the job, same as a basic S&B etc. Looking at this forum, there are quite a few who seem more involved in an arms race than stalking. There are some very fancy rifles and scopes which would seem more at home on a range than a hill or forest.

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