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Thread: High seat position

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    High seat position

    Hi Guys and girls, Can anyone outline the main things to take into acount when considering the positioning of a high seat. It would be good to have a list to work with,
    For example, Facing north, south,east west or does'nt matter.
    Facing the wood,back to the wood parallel to the wood?
    Any thoughts will help.
    Cheers Schultz

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    Hi Schultz,

    Two things to consider, the direction of the prevailing wind in the area, and the sun. You do not want to be facing directly towards or away from the sun, at dawn/dusk.

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    Route to the seat, you don't want to be disturbing the ground/deer you may not be able to see on the way in in the morning. Locations of any footpaths or rights of way are to be avoided.
    Look for regular deer paths or exit poins from the wood and if you can set up to overlook them all the better.
    Sometimes you will have to compromise on the perfect position because it just can't be done in every instance. However give yourself the widest views possible because it can get a bit boring if you have a very limited field of view and there are no deer to be seen, but in the right spot and with the use of bins you could have a seat where you could be watching deer a mile or so away even if there is nothing in range.

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    AN EXCELLENT THREAD! finally....

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    I would second the importance of choosing a route to get to the seat without to much disturbance.

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    lets go for a list as already said
    Away from public footpaths
    preferably in shade ,sun should not be in your face or siluetting you AM/PM
    Approch without disterbing area take wind into account.
    view from seat not just close up
    Deer paths
    if in a woodland ride try and find crossroads.
    sure others can add to this.

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    Great info, what about etequite! how do we feel if the stalker next door has sited his too near our land? take a hard line or be considerate?
    This could be a can of worms !

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    Evening Schultz,
    In Germany its 200m from your boundary, and this is enforced by the forrestry commission.
    No such law like this in the U.K, But do we want to go down that road anyway?
    Go and Pee around his high seat whenever you get the chance, and if it turns out not to be very productive for him perhaps he will move it.

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    with not that many leaves on the trees at the moment bare in mind that when trees are in full leaf not only can they block a considerable amount more of your view than you thought but will be lower with the weight of the leaves as well. i know if a perfect spot for a seat in winter but would be utterly useless in summer due to long boughs reaching over the site

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    on some ground i got last year the stalker that left to move away also left 3 high seats for me to use ....very considerate and the best most comfortable seats i have sat in by a country mile .
    one on a main woodland drive was easy to get to but gave the wood your wind on approach most times as pravailing wind that way although it was very very high but safe ,i was not sure about it .but i have shot more deer from it than any other seat or position on the ground ...just shows you . the guy must have known something what a gent
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