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Thread: must share..

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    must share..

    Ok, have to share this

    I emailed the area sales manager in germany for Minox, very nice fella to be honest, and very helpful, just needed some in depth details on the ZA 3-15x42 BDC scope and if it will fit my Hilver rings on the ZKK, as it's a really short tube (12" approx.).

    He was nice enough to say that directly from Minox Germany, they could get me a great price! I was clearly VERY excited. however, the offer was 489 euro's or around £405.....

    The best I can find in the US where I'm going soon (New Hampshire - no sales tax), and can post as 'gift' to myself in the uk is $465 - or around £290 or 350 euro's.

    So I said back the Minox manager, if they could offer 300 euro's or better, it's beneficial for me to buy via them directly. He wrote back - buy in the US! we could never compete with that price!!

    now explain this to me please: How can the German HQ/Manufacturer, not compete DIRECTLY with a product shipped to the US, and sold not only at wholesale uplift prices to that retailer, but then to the end customer THROUGH a retailer!!!! HOW HOW HOW!!!

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    I thought that the Minox riflescopes were maybe manufactured in the US? Maybe I've got that wrong, but if so it might explain things.

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    Posting as a gift to yourself will not avoid import charges at this end.........
    Unless you lie about the value, if you do that it cannot be insured, and if you are caught out by customs at either end
    you will be in trouble, at best you will lose the scope, at worst serious trouble with customs at one end or the other.


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    Because they are designed in Germany and made in the US.

    I'd make sure it doesn't have a mildot ret or any other tactical type or you could be in trouble.


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    One can avoid duty but it will take several years as I understand it. There is no duty payable on stuff you have owned for over a certain length of time. Of course that was some time back and they probably changed the rules in the last 10 years.

    US customs can be funny about certain things as can the Canadian and British customs as a friends brother found out after going to Canada for his sisters wedding. He took his fairly new camera during the stay they visited the US by car and the Canadian customs wanted to charge him import duty on his camera when returning to Canada. The UK customs tried the same on returning to the UK. So be careful.

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    the gift thing is a myth regardless of who posts it.
    its a very low limit.

    speak to customs on the way in to clarify what you can bring out, plenty of people bring scopes back without resorting to smuggling!

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    my US family members have on yearly occasions posted me birthday and xmas gifts that were of a few hundred dollars in value, and were never questioned by customs..the customs don't concern me,,,it's the price thing that does! LOL

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    Gifts of a value less than GB£ 36.00, can be imported duty and VAT free, for
    Personal or Family use, under the Customs CPC: 43 00 C08.
    And remember this amount includes the cost of postage.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post

    The best I can find in the US where I'm going soon (New Hampshire - no sales tax), and can post as 'gift' to myself in the uk is $465 - or around £290 or 350 euro's.
    Take an old pair of rings with you, buy scope and fit rings, splash with dirt/mud.
    Break the scope box down flat and post it home in a paddy bag, wrap scope up and carry home, if customs ask
    you took it with you to use on a relatives rifle


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    Pack it in a container with 1 ton of cannabis seems to get through every time.

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