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Thread: Benelli pump

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    Benelli pump

    Attachment 14647Attachment 14648Attachment 14649Attachment 14650Attachment 14651FOR SALE Benelli supernova pump, 3 shot 26 inc barrel as new only put 30/40 rounds through, sold my benelli last year on here bought my mates because it was 26 barrel but now need a 223 so this has to go £400+ F2F OR RFD at buyers cost.


    PRICE DROP £350 +RFD
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    I've got a 223 mate in firearms sales

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    Pics added

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    Price drop£350+rfd

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    Will come & get it next weekend, as agreed. Thanks Salty.

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    What no intro Salty? youll be hunted down by the mods,read the stickies.

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    Ok, I have no idea what I've done wrong here, but hell, this is the internet, so there must be some protocol I've not followed.

    Apologies to all the 'Stickies' I've offended. I await my hunting down, and will take the punishment like a man. After all, it's the internet, right?

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