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Thread: Skin a beast with an axe in under 7 mins

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    Skin a beast with an axe in under 7 mins

    Just saw this on youtube and thought it was quite comical......I love the axe bit.
    Not so sure if the game dealer would be so happy mind you.....

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    what a tool! what was with the axe swinging???? and looks like whoever squeezed the trigger made a bit of a mess....
    regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Lot of preparation before video started although he had problems with the tail also it looks as though any meat on the ribs was going to be wasted as they dropped to the floor. Interesting but not really impressed.

    I have assisted though,with others, when a moose (European Elk) was skinned with an axe in Finland. This beast had been shot approximately 3k from the nearest vehicle track. It is generally considered wise to drag a moose more than one k even with a team of ten as dragging a heavy beast with a set of antlers through bog-lands and brush is exhausting. Rolling the beast on its side was easy as there was plenty of people and the long legs could be used as levers. While the gralloch was being performed a fire was lit and coffee made made, the liver was then cut into strips and roasted over the fire and eaten. Moose then rolled unto its back and skinning begun with a knife. when the legs and part of the sides were peeled off hand holds were cut into the skin. three to four people then stretched the skin out ,others pulled the legs in the opposite direction and the skinner used the back of a felling axe to beat the skin off the body. It took a fair amount of faith to sit down beside the beast and stretch the skin out as the axe was driven down with full force and it fairly jerked on your arms when the axe hit. It was much quicker than four people skinning with knives. Once the skin was off each side then the carcass was jointed into portions. No meat was wasted and the guns carried the portions out in their rucksacks, (one of the reasons rucksacks are carried by everyone). A heavy carry back to the vehicles. A big one can weigh around 800 kilo/125 stone gralloched with head off so no possibility of lifting or carrying it whole!



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