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    Sometimes you can't even call it stalking.
    I went out yesterday morning and everything was going normally. I parked the car, got out, strapped on my bum bag, got the rifle out, loaded it up, opened the tail-gate, got out my sticks, clipped the dog to my belt, closed the tail gate, put on hat and gloves, locked the car and went to start walking away from my vehicle. Before I'd even got as far as the headlights I noticed a roe running towards me over the field. I had a quick shuftie through the binos and sure enough, it was a buck. About 150 metres away he turned to his right and was now running obliquely accross my front, broadside on. As soon as he was in a shootabe position I was going to give a whistle and stop him but I didn't even need to do that. Just then a doe came trotting over the rise and he stopped to look at her; in just the spot I would have picked to stop him. I put the rifle over my driver's side wing mirror and shot him over the car bonnet at about 160 yards. The whole scene unfolded in slightly more time than it's just taken you to read this.
    Lets hope I'm as lucky with the lotto ticket I bought on the way home!
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    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Lucky day !

    Sounds like everything fell into place perfectly for you

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    Now thats an easy outing!!

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    I had the complete opposite experience last week. I traveled a couple of hours in the hope of making a dent in the roe buck cull. I am sticking to young animals for the time being so I passed on a couple of opportunities. At the end of my second day I was stalking up a track between two meadows an caught movement out of the corner of my eye at 35 meters. It was a young roe buck in velvet stood in the long grass. The deer are pretty used to seeing people on the area but it seemed he had not noticed me at all. I had seen this one earlier and I knew he would be a good one for the cull so I set up my sticks hoping that he would offer enough of his neck above the grass for a shot but although he was clear a couple of times I was not completely happy. In the end he sat down. I waited but time was against me so I climbed the fence to the meadow half expecting him to jump up and dash off. I was starting to think he had made off without me noticing. I shuffled my feet but no response. I barked, ... then shouted but still no response. I even took my belt bag off and threw it but he didn't fall for it. In the end I started walking towards the spot I thought he was at. I was two meters away when he sprang up. He dashed back about 10 meters and managed to put the only birch sapling in the whole field between me and him. He stood there for about 15 seconds before bounding off into the woods.

    I have to say it was a great end to a couple of days and I don't think I would have shot him even if he was clear as the whole season is still to go and it would have felt a bit unfair. He will probably be a bit more attentive next time.

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