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Thread: Knife advice

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    Knife advice

    I'm looking for a new knife mainly for the gralloch and skinning, was thinking about the Buck Vangaurd, any advice welcome...

    Cheers Bryan

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    There's a thread running for a Mora 10 deliverd! Enough said!

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    I don't think you can wrong with a Vanguard, then again I have got a Mora, and for the price it's hard to beat.
    You pays your money and take your choice.

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    Just bought one of the Mora's, couldn't turn it down at that price, thanks guys appreciate it...

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    Mora knives you cant go wrong i got mine from Bushwear 4.99, easy to sharpen and if you loose it you can get another cheap enough ! Plenty of fancy expensive knives out there depends what you want from it they all do the same job

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    EKA swingblade is great. Knife & a perfect zipper in one.

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    Keep it simple and cheap.
    Mate had a Mora for couple of years was given a fancy/expensive knife and promptly lost it.

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    Mora are superb and cheap enough to use plus the sheath clip is very handy too , and you can fully clean them

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    Mora all the knife you will need.

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    Seems that it comes down to what you can afford to loose. I've lost a few good knifes over the years now use a Sog. Aegis

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