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Thread: EAW (Apel) 1" Quick Detach Rings

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    EAW (Apel) 1" Quick Detach " Swing off - Rings

    Used but in perfect working order.

    Will need rifle specific mounts, they often pop up on eBay.

    Widely regarded as the best scope mounts on the market. New with bases they retail at around the 400 mark, rings alone are 200

    If you already use them, add a scope for a different load/bullet combination

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    hi , could you please tell me what height the mounts are ? kind regards

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    Hi, Without the bases I can't give an exact height from receiver to ring and I am not sure if EAW do a Low, Medium, High derivation.
    At a guess I would say they would be fine for up to a 50mm objective depending on barrel profile.

    but the measurements from base to bottom edge of the ring are:
    Front: 13.5mm
    Rear: 11mm

    bases tend to be higher at the front to leave rings horizontal to barrel, like this:

    if you were to purchase them and they did not fit your application for any reason I will happily take them back.
    hope that helps

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    They are mostly the standard height which are fine for up to 56mm scopes. There is a lower version that is 3mm lower, but they are rare.



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