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Thread: Anyone else noticed red deer are on the move ?

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    Anyone else noticed red deer are on the move ?

    I was out this morning looking for roe bucks , trying to find a suitable beast for my friend to shoot and it was a lovey morning to be out .

    to cut a long story short , we were nearly back to the truck and bugger me if not 5 yds from my truck 6 spikers surounded it .

    ive had that permission almost 10 yrs and never seen red deer there before apart from the odd track once in a blue moon.

    after shooting one , and then speaking to the land owner after i borrowed his teleporter he said a large group of hinds have also been about for the last month or so !

    now there is a large resident herd 4-5 miles away but they never usually ventue this far towards me , to say i was gobsmacked was an under statement !!!

    any one else seeing reds in starange or different places ?

    ATVB lee

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    Lee we have a decent size herd that roams mostly un disturbed within 3000 hectares of reserve or close adjoining land, they tend to stick around there but every now and then they turn up in some suprising places.
    i have seen large deer tracks right up to my house boundary and there are the odd sightings on land where the deer would have to cross a canal ( although there are deer jetties along its course ) and then cross a motorway i know this is fact as i have seen the photos and one was nocked down right outside my mates garden centre. DF

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