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Thread: steyr scout WANTED .243 /.308

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    steyr scout WANTED .243 /.308

    Any wanting rid of there scout, looking for one or two in good order, not shot out or smooth bore.

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    What sort of money are you thinking of spending?

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    Are you mad , you want the pro-hunter mk2 8) In particular, the one I have for sale. Yes it is a 6.5, but bu$$er me it is the cheapest in the uk.


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    jingzy........ thanks for the offer and depends who you speak to about me being mad, just a personal choice , wouldnt do for us all to be the same or we would be all walking round with 303 lee enfields god help us............... Stand back and wait for it..... enfield and 303 owners nows your chance to have a go.

    And mack you have a pm

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