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Thread: new free stander, rapid deployment

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    new free stander, rapid deployment

    With Gazza and Dean trying to outdo me and the necessity of doing a free stander that could be up/down and moved round various new plantisngs as required I took time out to experiment. Dressed and equiped I am over 20 stone so it has to be well load tested.
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    It still has to be painted and tidied but I am pleased with the initial design. In use it would have guy ropes on the sides for safty. However it can be put up with minimum noise. It is a comfortable carry for two people I am working on a lower model for specialised deer control but need to wait until next timber delivery. This took less than a days work to assemble. Hope the video works, My wife did the potography.
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    Multiply video changed to youtube video.

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    Looking good Jim.

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    Nice .
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    it might be useful to have a small adjustable extension on the bottom of the legs. its one thing getting the seat level on flat concrete but in a field a few inches difference in height between the ladder feet will make it cowp baddly and destabilise it. i would think you could make a braket for the back legs so the legs can swing out as well as back, this would give you a broader base and not add much to weight although it will make it more tricky to erect on your own

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    The site this is designed for is low trees, with excellent made roads all round. The siting would probably be on that surface. Front to back elevations can be corrected by the ropes, you will note the spare rope. That is the reason the shooting rail is not fixed. There is also a series of holes in the legs supporting the shooting rail to correct angle. I too thought of the taper for the back supports but the scissor effect is lost( if the botton goes out the shooting rail comes in. Guy ropes, plenty trees available but heavy duty dog tethers (corkscrew type) would be sufficient unless the ground was too boggy. As said I am working on designs for a shorter version. It will be a tripod which are easier to stablise. It will taper as the front will be narrower than the rear. There is a couple of items still to be remidied namely the shooting rail. The neat way the shootong rail falls in to place on this one does nor work on a taper. The front ladder will be an alli one (hint to Dean). Perminent high seats are more substancial but I need something that can be shifted as the current work is very much about mobility and deer problem resolving. On one sit in particular the seat would have to be laid flat between visits due to visual impact and accessability. Jim

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    just watched your vid, looks good. Corkscrew dog tether anchor idea sounds good. I have been thinking of making a portable freestander for a while probs from metal. would be a useful bit of kit.

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    think the red dot the wife was talking about might have been ma lazer sight . Good design .Minimum noise think u better lose the steel toe caps . looks good well done still think gazza &mine look better thou

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