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Thread: A pocket full of calls

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    A pocket full of calls

    Got a call from a farmer to say that a fox was hanging around his cows which were calving and he had tried to shoot it yesterday but couldn't get it within range of the shotgun and would I mind trying with the rifle. I called over at 1300 today and setup the sticks over looking the hill where it was seen yesterday.

    I called for about 20 mins with the spitfire, my hand and then I found an old wam call in my pocket. After about 5 mins of hard calling I noticed a large fox at the bottom of the field as casual as you like. The fox strolled up across the field towards me without even looking my direction. I whistled at it at around 50m and it was dropped on the spot.

    Goes to proove you need to try many different calls as possible if the fox doesn't appear at first.

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    I had one a few nights ago that was coming towards me while i had the spitfire going,i could'nt see it because it was behind a thick hedge,as i got out of the high seat it ran along a tram line, stopped about 200m away,i got a Wam out and after a few minutes it came runing towards me,and that was the end of it,i can only think they are busy feeding cubs.cheers

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