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Thread: Straight leg

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    Straight leg

    My middle spaniel has had a slowly disintegrating ankle joint, well no more!!!! No ankle!!

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    Looks cheap? Were you insured?
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Who did it for you Roy?
    And how did they think it went?

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    Done by Mr Harcourt Brown of Harrogate and it was rather more complicated than he hoped. He seems cautiously optimistic and amazingly she is using it already!!! I reckon that tells you what pain she was tolerating before the op.

    Not insured as I have 4 dogs and last quote was up around 140 per month so i decided to be my own underwriter. (oh and it certainly wasnt cheap but given I could actually afford it then it was a no brainer, I feel so much for people who simply cannot afford complex treatment and have to have their pets destroyed)

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    Hi Roy looks like she'll be indoors for a while well done hope she continues to improve mate

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    Best wishes for a workable recovery.

    Amazing what a regular shot of Metacam can do for a dog

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    That is so much straighter than it was 'before'! She should be back in action for the start of the shooting season, I think you picked an excellent time to get her done.

    (love the way you refer to her as your 'middle' spaniel, like a surrogate child )

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