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Thread: Loving/working HPR dog in need of a good home

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    Loving/working HPR bitch in need of a good home

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    Hello one and all!

    Unfortunately a Large Munsterlander Bitch I advertised a few months ago on the SD, looking for a good home, is coming back to us. The new owner phoned me to say that unfortunately they are no longer going to be able to keep Misha. He mentioned to us a while ago he had developed an alergy when she moulted and unfortunately it has developed to such an extent that he cannot even be in the car with her without getting puffy eyes etc. His other half is fine it is just him, so is a one off. Even in the house he has developed these symptoms and is on drugs for it, but cannot do it long term. They have tried everything they can including a dog bag while in the car, but it is a no go.

    We promised if she no longer had a home with the new owner, we would have her back and if we couldn't re-home her she would have a home with us indefinitely.

    So if you are looking for a new dog please give her some thought. Her background: she will be 5 years old in May, a black and white, spayed, Large Munsterlander Bitch. She is a hunt-a-holic. She is good with retrieving birds, ok with dummies but does like the real thing! She hunts like a demon, and covers the ground fast and thoroughly. She LOVES to track, and is very good at it, and will happily follow a deer trail. She is a 'barker' on a deer. Couple of videos below. As said previously the reason we are re-homing her is that she is nervous around children and the risk of an accident is just not something we want to consider with a toddler in the house.

    For her own sake I do not want her with us for too long, she needs to go straight on ideally so it is not overly disruptive. Happy to answer more questions, just PM me for more details. Hopefully there is another excellent home out there just as nice as the one she has been at. We are not taking money for her, what is important to us is that she goes to a good home. She is full of fun, loving, wonderful bitch and just needs permanency.
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    Hi there, i have a friend who does a lot of scent work, drugs, explosives etc. How would you feel about rehoming to this type of work. The dog would be well looked after.

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    She will make a nice dog for someone, very nice!

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    Is there a reason she cannot be moved out to a kennel and avoid all uncontrolled contact with your child?

    From what you are saying she is just nervous around children but has shown no aggression towards them. Seems a shame to loose a good dog...
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    To answer a couple of questions, fifestalker, I really don't think at the age of 5 she would be a worthwhile venture for someone whose business is drugs and explosives. And size wise from what I know a big dog like this is not that suitable.

    Deer man - I really do think she would make someone a very nice deer dog. I use my Welsh Springer and my other Large Munsterlander primarily as this is my other half's dog. But whenever I have used her she is great. Her attributes for being a deer dog is that she always has her nose glued to the ground, looking for foot scent, whereas my other large munsterlander I use primarily for birds with good bit of deer work, but her real skull is scenting stuff that come off the wind, therefore enabling her to point from a much further distance. Different dogs, different skills. Misha will also point birds, but I find she gets in closer as she does not scent birds so far away on the wind but equally has a good staunch point.

    Jamross- she does not kennel, that is the problem, she frets too much and we have a welsh springer, a large munsterlander and then this large munsterlander. Even when kennelled with them she does not like it, she is very people orientated.

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