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    HI Everybody
    I have joined this site as i have heard a lot of good reports about it.
    I hope its all true
    I have been Stalking for about 30 years. I run a small commercial pheasant shoot in shropshire.
    I am mainly shooting Roe these days and doing a lot of Fox lamping.
    I shoot a 222 rem BSA CF 2
    and a 243win this is a Tikka T3 lite

    I have a 3006 on my ticket I am currently looking for one Ready for when the Boar get to Shropshire

    Regards Hotshot 3006

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    Welcome to the site, I'm sure you'll get a lot out of it.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi john
    How far North of Inverness are you?
    I have some good friends who work for fountain forestry in Thurso

    Regards will
    hotshot 3006

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    Morning, welcome to the sight. Saw your currently using a .222 Rem BSA CF2 and was wondering how you find it. Am a newbee to this sight myself and am looking at the .222 Rem BSA as my first heavier Rifle I will own rather than borrow. Will mainly be using it for Roe and Fox that are coming in around my parents farm will only get light/moderate use as im only up there a couple of times a month so do not want or need anything too pricey. Regards, Gordon.

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    Hi Gordon
    I have shot the 222 for about 30 years mainly on foxes. and a few Roe in Scotland
    It shoots very good with my home loads i can get 1 inch groups at 100 hundred yards
    I Bought a 243 a few years ago for fallow and Roe in England. I now shoot everything with it
    I have actually sold the Bsa 222 last week fot 250 .
    My advice would be Look for a BSAcf2 by all means but get it in a 243.
    You can shoot 50 grain bullets for foxes and 100 grain for deer
    It will do everything that the 222 will do but gives the option of shooting all the deer species
    If tyou can get a variable power scope on it like a 3 to 12 x 50
    That will cover everything,
    Regards will
    Hotshot 3006

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