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Thread: Carl Zeiss Jena ZF 8x56 M scope No.4 Reticule

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    Carl Zeiss Jena ZF 8x56 M scope No.4 Reticule

    An 8x56 ZF (M) scope with No.4 reticule, (3 thick bars, fine centre cross)
    Serial Number: 372231

    Originally part of a production line destined for the US under the "aus Jena" branding, this scope actually remained in Germany. (spot of history for those interested: Company Seven | Carl Zeiss Companies History Page )

    A few insignificant marks on lip of objective bell and main body, no dents or tube crimps or scratches.
    Crystal clear coated optics, no fogging or loss of clarity in any aspect of the field of view.
    both caps present, removed to indicate turret and serial number
    1" tube.
    Usual Zeiss build quality:

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