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Thread: researching wild boar in UK

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    researching wild boar in UK


    I'm not a hunter myself but I am currently doing some research on wild boar populations in the UK. Would be really interested in getting peoples opinions and first hand experiences on any noticeable increases or decreases in populations that they may have noticed in recent years.


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    who are you doing research for ?

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    To anybody that hunts wild boar in the UK, or has in the past, please see the short questionnaire attached of 6 questions for your experiences and opinions.

    This research aims to assess wild boar populations and sustainability, investigating the possibility of introducing a closed hunting season in the UK for boar. Data from this research will be reported in the project and information obtained shall remain anonymous.

    Thank you

    Questionnaire Regarding Wild Boar Hunting in the UK.doc
    Questionnaire Regarding Wild Boar Hunting in the UK.doc

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    Hi Carey.

    That's an interesting topic you'd like to research. However, you're not likely to get many answers on here without telling us more about who you are and what your purposes are.

    In fact, until you give us a proper intro, eg a brief resume of what you do and where you do it, your interests and proclivities (no need for details that would identify you in the real world) i.e. just enough so we can pick holes your credibilty , you're only likely to get more responses like this one.


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    Hi Tamus,

    To elaborate, it is for a research project I am doing at Kingston University. I am quite interested in wildlife management and was really interested in this topic as there dont seem to be any official figures of wild boar in the UK, only broad estimates. As part of my research, I would like to ask people who have first hand sightings' of boar their experiences and opinions. The questionnaire I have attached to the previous post is very short and simple, so if anyone could give me a reply I'd be very grateful.

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    You have still not shed much light on your subject, don't hold your breath,

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    I apologise if I have not made the topic clear enough. I am studying at Kingston University and this is part of a research project I am conducting. Here is an exert of my project proposal which should clarify the project aims and methods:
    "Is the implementation of a closed hunting season necessary for the sustainability of the European wild boar (Sus scrofa scrofa) population in the UK?
    The aim of this project is to establish if wild boar populations in the UK are sustainable without a seasonal hunting ban, or if populations are too small in localised areas that over hunting may cause the species to become extinct in the UK.
    Research materials to be used in this study are the distributed questionnaires which have been formulated to determine a number of facts which may be an indicator as to decline/incline of wild boar populations, as well as other factors which may indicate an effect in the population. To carry out this research, questionnaires shall be distributed to a small but relevant sample size, comprising of Local Councils, hunters of wild boar, and wildlife organisations. This form of cooperative inquiry incorporates experiences, explanations and expert opinion and in effect makes the participants partners in this research (Easterby-Smith et al., 2008:94).
    As well as uncertainty surrounding population figures, there is also confusion surrounding breeding seasons of the species. It is claimed by some that wild boars have a prolonged breeding season, and for this reason, no official hunting season can be granted to them due to fear of over-population (BASC, 2011; DEFRA, 2008; FDDC, 2009 cited in Goulding, 2009:64). Conversely, it is suggested by Spitz, 1986 (cited in DEFRA 2004:3), BASC (2011) and Moore, 2004 (cited in Goulding, 2009:64) that sows are seasonally polyoestrus, and that only when food is abundant they may produce two litters a year. This research project will investigate what time of year commercial hunters and landowners see offspring, determining if boar in the UK are breeding more than once a year which will obviously have a significant effect on populations."

    All data recieved shall remain anonymous.


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    You getting this are you. You won't get any info if we don't know anything about you. There are rules to join the forum and 1st rule is an introduction about YOU.

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