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Thread: Muntjack Outing With Andy And Wayne

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    Muntjac Outing With Andy And Wayne

    When I finished my last Roe stalk with Wayne he mentioned that he would be taking some lads out for a muntjac stalk over Easter and asked if I wanted to come along, unfortunately I wasnít able to make it as I had already planned to be away over Easter. Anyway on 14/Apr I got a call about 9am from Wayne to say that he was going out again that evening if I wanted to come along. Didnít have to think about that one so agreed to meet up at Andyís about 4.45pm.
    I arrived on time and met up with Stuart and Andy and we set off to the stalking ground where we met up with Wayne and the other lads. Wayne took the other lads to their locations and Andy and I set off stalking towards our high seat. Andy mentioned that he had loaned his stix to one of the other lads but said that if the opportunity arose we would sort something out. On the way we heard some rustling in some bushes beside the track we were on. We thought that it was a muntjac but didnít get to see it. We carried on, Andy was checking the bank on the far side of a newly planted area, which he said looked like a promising spot. After checking for a few minutes Andy spotted a muntjac and said to set my self up on a stump just in front of us. Andy gave a description of the location of the muntjack and it moved just as I was trying to located it so made it easier to spot. Anyway I set up and took the shot. It fell pretty much on the spot, I reloaded, then we waited for a while before we went to collect it. Andy ranaged it at 135 yards. I was delighted to have gotten a shot and a kill, a large doe. Andy Gralloched it and we headed on to the high seat. About 7.30pm. Didnít see anything from the high seat other than lots of pheasants. We met up with the other lads later, a quick cuppa and a chat and then all headed back home.

    Thanks Andy for the stalk, wouldnít have had the shot without your efforts. Thanks again to Wayne and Andy for the great evening out. That is now a fallow buck, a roe buck and a muntjac doe in my last 3 outings with Andy and Wayne (3 out of 3 half day stalks).

    Wayne has the photos, so will post some later when I get them or perhaps Wayne will if he gets a chance.
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    sounds like you had a great time. 3 in 3 outtings is superb you lucky bugger

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    Hi Kieran

    Good to see you again and glad someone was lucky as it wasn't the best of evenings.

    Hope you dont mind me hi jacking your thread to put a photo of the other lads.

    Cheers to all the lads for your help sorry I couldnt sort the weather and a few more deer but it was nice to have a catch up and see you all.



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    Great write up Kieran,well done on your munty it was good to meet you & the rest of the lads again thanks Wayne & Andy & of coarse Max
    ATB Andy

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    nice one guys glad you had a good o get together well done again andy and wayne
    regards pete .

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    nice one guys.

    If the Devil should cast his net, in the second picture.

    Sorry couldn't make it this time. Family.Aghhh


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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post
    nice one guys.

    If the Devil should cast his net, in the second picture.

    Sorry couldn't make it this time. Family.Aghhh

    i know how you feel Jonathon
    very well done guys and Wayne and Andys generosity is second to none, how many other people would take a whole group on free stalks ?

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    Hi Kieran,
    It was a pleasure to take you out again and it was good to find one for you on an evening when the Munties weren't showing.
    Shame the other guys didn't have some of your luck but that's stalking.
    It was good to meet up with a few of the Stalking Directory guys again.
    All the best,

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