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Thread: unexpected sight

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    unexpected sight

    Just come back from thetford and was stalking a area with a fair bit of heath land in the woodland and i noticed 2 roe bucks about 250 yards away so i went in closer to have a look and to my surprise from a dip in the land about 40 yards from the others came alot of deer running towards me.
    They stopped around 160 yards and the 2 bucks that i saw 1st followed them and then thee deer couched down so in the group of deer was the following ,

    3 roe does
    11 roe bucks of varies ages

    has anyone seen anything like this before. What a sight.


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    How many Roe Bucks did you shoot then great white hunter ?

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    O number 1 guide it was good to see them but 3 where taken out over the weekend.

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    Those who say you don't need a 10 round mag for stalking applications take note!

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    Im sure we will find one or two next weekend for the boys

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    also in the thetford area some years ago over the border of the estate i did see a large bunch of roe, the stalker guiding me said they knew they were safe as we couldnt shoot them on the private ground must av been 20 cant recall the number ,all ages /sex's .

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    I had a situation last sunday morning almost the reverse of this, i was out trying to count the roe in my area, there was a strong SW wind swirling beetween 2 small woods...I was crossing beetween the woods and put up the group which must have scented me...There was 4 bucks, a good 6 pointer in tatters,two smaller bucks in velvet and a yearling...and 10 does of varying ages, they made their way across 8 acres of lush grassland as i watched....So I have two to take out...I must say i havent seen so many accumulated like that...Nice though

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    Was out walking the dog this evening and came upon 2 does and 7 bucks all together 1 of the bucks was a solid medal with a couple of other 6 pointers the rest being young 2 of the youngsters were sparring all in the open within 100yds of me with no available cover, they all new we was there, l counted at least 15 other roe all within 800 yds of where l was standing all on barron fenland.

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    cheers lads for the comments i wish i could use a camera.

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    Wish you could use a camera " ive seen you try to shoot a rifle dont waste anymore money

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