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Thread: Part 3 of big 6: roe bucks.

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    Part 3 of big 6: roe bucks.

    Went out this morning to some ground in somerset where there's always a good population of roe deer. So i decided this morning was a good morning as it was windy to go and see if there were any cull bucks around. got to the ground at 7 o'clock, bit later than planned,parked the car, loaded the rifle, on with the gloves, bino's ect... walked along a track, as i got to the end of a ploughed field i stopped and glassed the area. I instantly then saw a roe deer looking at me at approximately 150 yds across the field. I had a good look through the bino's, saw that it was a buck and that he was small of frame, but how to get to him? He had not winded me, but obviously had seen me, so i decided to ignore him and walk off at 90 degrees. As i made off down the field he started to shadow me on the other hedge line. I walked down through the field and there's a large mound of earth at the end, so i decided if i can get to that large mound, and he was still shadowing me, that would be the best position to take a shot. I got to the mound of earth and walked past, then double back, hoping the buck was still trying to wind me, i crawled up on the mound of earth, set the rifle on the bi-pod and the buck was on the opposite hedge, with no safe backdrop. So i waited for it to cross in front of a large tree and as if remote controlled the deer walked on a few paces and stopped, right in front of the tree, giving me the perfect backdrop. He stood there for a few seconds, moving his head around still un-sure of where i was, i'm sure he was just about to flee. I put the cross hairs on the back of his neck and squeezed. Good solid thump and he was down. I re-chambered another round and waited a few seconds till he had stopped kicking. I made my way over to him to see he that he was a small 6 point roe buck, front tine missing on one side but all in all, a nice little buck. I grollached him out into the roe sack and made my way back to the car. By now it was about 8 o'clock, so i decided to go and look around the main farm. I parked the car as before, got the gun ready and set off. I walked down to a low patch where deer often sit during the day, the wind was blowing quite strong in my face, so i made my way left handed around the field, to a hedge. Walked along the side of the hedge, i nearly got to the end of the field and glassed a deer lying down. I dropped to my knees, went back along the hedge, got through a gap. Walking this side of the hedge would give me a much better angle to approach the deer at, hoping it had not seen me. I walked along the hedge, got to the bank at the end, made my way up over it, from this position i could see two deer lied down. I made my way towards them on my hands and knees, there was a large pack of dock leaves, so i crawled up behind them, rifle on the bi-pod and lied in the next field was another 6 point buck with a doe. Lied in the sun, out of the wind. They hadn't noticed my approach i put the cross hairs on the bucks throat, but the position he was lied in, i was worried about carcass damage. So i just waited my time, no rush. I was approximately 80 yds away down wind, so i had all the time in the world. Eventually the buck woke up and started to move his head around. he looked back over his left shoulder, giving me a huge area to shoot at, with no risk of damaging the carcass. Gentle squeeze on the sako trigger and number 2 was in the bag. The doe how ever was still just lying there, just looking around i gave the buck a good 2 minutes, by now he was gone and the doe still hadn't got up. So i decided to stand up and walk slowly towards them. i noticed she was very heavy and stopped in the gate way, giving her plenty of time to get up and make her way off. She ambled off in no hurry. I got to the roe buck and saw that he was better than the first one. Grollached into the roe sack, and took them to the chiller, where i took the photographs, in my gallery on my phone.
    Hope you enjoyed part 3 happy stalking Devon Foxer.

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    Well done on the roe bucks mate , good write up

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