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    ferret collar

    HI guys, can anyone out there help me? like a total pratt ive lost me only mk1 ferret collar cleaning the truck out cant afford 139 quid for the new model at mo, so if any fellow bunny hunters out there got one to sell me at a decent price i would be v grateful,they are asking stupid money on ebay, worked ferrets for years without one but feel i just cant do without one now, thanks lads. regards HORNET.

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    I am sure its just a collar with a magnet attached? I am sure you could knock one up for a couple of quid!

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    Dont think its that easy mate its a transmitter an has a tiny watch battery in it, tell you what if anyone could suss out how to make em theyd make a tidy few bob, so come on you electrical wizards get to it HORNET

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    I am sure the battery is to generate an electric field or magnet? Many years ago my physics teacher tried to convince me to build one instead of knocking school and ferretting! Obviously wasn't having any of that! Try locating a magnet with the receiver end, if it works your quids in. You could also use a metal detector although this will also detect metal!

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    I think I might have an old spare in the shed , I'll have a look in the mornin, it'll be a terrier 1 but I'm sure you could knock something up with it, is it a deben locator?

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    Cheers bambisleyer much appreciated mate, yes its a deben, as far as i can remember the only difference is the ferret one was 8 feet an terrier 15 so that would be just the job im sure, once again many thanks an let me know how you get on. regards HORNET.

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    Have a look at the price of the MK 3 collars. The MK 1 knocker box will pick up the MK 3 collar.

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    Its in the post should be with you next couple of days .

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    Have you managed to get one from widows son, I'll publicly apologise for not getting back to you

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    no worries mate, ye got one on the way,thanks for all the help guys.CHEERS HORNET

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