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Thread: Leica lrf 900

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    Leica lrf 900

    Wondering if there are Any members currently using this range finder?, I am looking at possibly picking up a used Swarovski or Leica range finder that I would like to use while out lamping etc. I have experience of the Swarovski but I haven't used the Leica. I can't seem to find any current sales for the Leica new and was wondering if it is an older discontinued model. I have seen quite a few links for used Leica lrf 900 but not new.


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    I got a leica 900 scan,second hand,very good bit of kit.
    check on pigeonwatch there is one for sale (its not mine)

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    i used one in new zealand very good even in low light ,i just have a budget rangefinder for here but i couldnt fault the leica at all ,atb wayne
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    the older 900 scan models are superb. they use to go for around 220 to 240 but as everyone is after a top rangefinder at good prices they seam to have gone up to 250 to 270 now

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    Thanks for the reply jay, I looked back through the prices etc and 200-250 seems to be what they were making


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    Keith i have not used the 900 but i do have the crf 1000 and its a great bit of kit,even when lamping and there is plenty of new ones about.
    ATB AL

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