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Thread: Testing the water! Sauer

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    Testing the water! Sauer

    Currently away and will be home mid week 18/4/12, when I shall add pictures

    For sale Sauer 202 243, synthetic stock, c/w Meopta 3-12 x 56. Mark of rings on scope but otherwise A1 condition. Butler Creek flip ups and sling.
    Rifle fired ~200 max, what ever ammo I have will go along with it. The rifle can be seen in my gallery, and as shown it does work!
    No need for a big shpeel re the rifle, its a Sauer, Job Done!

    Looking for 1500.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails CNV00033.JPG   P4190817.jpg   P4190818.jpg   P4190848.jpg   P4190842.jpg  

    P4190834.jpg   P4190847.jpg   P4190833.jpg   P4190839.jpg   P4190820.jpg  

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    hello salmo has it a steel action or light metal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    hello salmo has it a steel action or light metal.

    To be honest and not a metalurgist... I think its steel as it feels like it... But if you know of something that may tell me either way I'll let you know

    Sorry, I just shoot it... poor excuse I know.

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    Will do when I get back!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Russian Sniper View Post
    Try a magnet
    thats good advice.

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    Yep a magnet will tell ya
    Just happy to help

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    Hi Salmo,

    PM Sent,


    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    Right here we are then, it has a light action... never knew there were choices but there are. I've trawled the net trying to find out the pro's and cons and cant find anything. I realise that lighter will mean softer but I havent heard of anyone having a problem and I cant see there being one either, this is a Sauer and is at the higher end of the scale in product manufacture. This is my second 202 and both are the light alloy and both have been excellent for me.
    I have taken 2 pics of slight marks - well the missus as I cant work the camera, both are in macro mode which means they look huge but they arent but its the only marks I can see. One small one one the fore end and one on the barrel. The bolt has 3 lugs as per pic.
    Theres also a picture of the paperwork that was supplied with the rifle when I bought it new showing the type - Classic and it also states light alloy! Shows how much I paid attention in the shop! To tell the truth I went into the shop with the sole intention of buying a T3, handled it thought it was grand then he handed me the Sauer, opened the bolt and that was it! Sold! Going over budget considerably!! Worth it though its a great rifle and who ever buys it will be pleased.

    I've tried to be honest here so if there are any other questions let me know. Unless we meet face to face the sale will go via a RFD.

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    Would you sell it without the scope? If so what price

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