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Thread: long range shooting

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    long range shooting

    I have been approached by a couple of shooters and they have asked me to put together a weekends introduction into consistently shooting targets at long range.
    I have contacted a friend who won a gold medal in Canada at 1000yds,
    he is quite prepared to put together a program of events,
    Ballistics, understanding moa, windage, scopes,rifles, caliber etc..

    My question is this: would anybody be interested in weekend of long range shooting good company,good grub etc.


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    Depending on where and when yes.

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    Very interested depending on location

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    me and dad would be let us know when you get anymore details.

    cheers Duncan

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    Sounds like fun, again depends on location. would be interested. possibly 4 people

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    sounds great just depends on where & when

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    Sounds like a great opportunity.


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    Deffo mate. Depending upon location, time and cost.

    Andy Evans Hendrick(Riflecraft) seems to get away with charging people extortionate amounts of money for the courses he runs.

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    I doubt that I'm skilled enough to successfully put it into practice, but I'd certainly enjoy learning about it.


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