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Thread: V Cheap .308 - any recommendations

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    V Cheap .308 - any recommendations

    Hi. A farming mate has asked me what he should go for and where he'd find a v cheap .308. He doesn't mind something scruffy, just wants something v cheap for knocking down foxes before they mully his lambs. Any thoughts on this would be v welcome. He's thinking 300 inc scope. Is that achievable?

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    Most gun shops have a bargain basement dirt cheap old rifles but you may not get a very good scope included for that price !

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    Have a look on guntrader/gunstar he'll get something cheap on there, but look carefully before buying


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    There was an old PH talked about on here last week at humble money.

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    A friend recently bought a PH and he's mostly been shooting mil surplus ammo through it at targets. Yesterday he fired a few Nosler Ballistic tips in factory ammo and got a 1 inch 3 shot group with no problems. I don't think he paid more than 200 for the rifle and he took the stock off it and stripped it down and oiled it and it looks great.

    His problem is going to be getting decent glass for that money. Maybe he might get a 2nd hand fixed scope at the sort of second tier level of glass for around the sort of money that might give him a 300 rig - something like Doctor or Meopta?

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    Does it have to be .308? sorting through Guntrader by all calibres in ascending order of price might pick out a bargain but in another suitable fox calibre.
    Glass wise anything European is pretty much ruled out. An older Jap Tasco would be worth hunting down or leupold fixed 6x42 are 100-150 on Fleabay and would be perfectly adequate.

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    Yes it is but might take a bit of searching for. I will try phoning the old club treasurer down south as he had a cheap P-H 1100. it would need a scope The rifle has some damage, repaired tot eh stock as it got scorched, long story, but it shot well. Of cours ehe might have sold it as he has an RFD now.

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    Thanks Guys. I'll pass this on.

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    try mick vokes hes a rfd he had a nice but cheap 308 ,he useally has some secondhand scopes aswell at good money let me know if you would like his telephone number im sure he will send rifle no problem

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    It might be worth giving Steve Beaty of Ivythorn a ring and asking him to keep an eye open.

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