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Thread: Looking for a dsc 1 course north east

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    Looking for a dsc 1 course north east

    Hi all as per the title im looking for a DSC1 course in the north east around June time or somewhere near can anyone help or reccomend a place and appropriate costs ???

    many thanks indeed


    p.s please pm me

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    We have a DSC 1 course and assessment running from the 22nd to 24th at Greenlee.

    Best regards. Jon.

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    I did my DSC1 with Jon at Greenlee last year. Great set up and well delivered - I recommend it. If that means anything?!

    The camp site down the road is ok unless it rains. Which it did for about 95% of the time. The Greenlee cottage rooms look plush... I should have booked one of those!


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    sounds good to me im in the north east so would either stay close by or at greenlee just out of interest guys how much was the course only please ? thanks Jon

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    Gamegunner hi, The course is 295.

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    I have several friends/stalkers who got their level 1 at Greenlee - they all recommend the place.

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    Go with Greenlee, Jon is a great bloke and his wife is a fantastic cook,you will be well catered for.

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    Hi Jon, Good luck with your test when you get to take it. If you want to do some pre-learning/ home studying, have a look at my website There's a students section which you need to subscribe to where you can learn all of the DSC questions and over 100 deer identification slides..... but there's also a lot of free information pages too.

    Let us know how you get on when youve done the test!

    Cheers, Steve

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    Depends how far north east i did mine with bds near ilkley and they have one on in july its a really good set up.


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