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Thread: ultimate stalking rifle HELP

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    ultimate stalking rifle HELP

    Hey everybody I was hoping for alittle help I am in a priveledged postion of renewing my stocking set up and I was hoping for some advice from your experience to help me consider the various options I would prefer a .243 and was considering something like Remington Model 700 CDL SF Walnut/Stainless Fluted Centrefire Rifle the remington stainless fluted I would prefer a light rig but not unstable as I may be taking shots 100yds + I like the mcmillan range of stocks therefore im not against synthetic scope is not an issue as I have a swarovski habicht ready to go. My new set up must be equally at home woodland stalking or on the hill. I know its a big ask but your help and experience will be appreciated.

    In addtion I would prefer a magazine as against a floor plate.

    Many Thanks

    PS It seems my calibre choice may be off I currently shoot 308 please add your calibre recommendations thanks

    PPS Accuracy I would like my set up to shoot sub 1" groups at 100yds I dont know how feasible that is with the 308 variant ??
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    sako 85 stainless synthetic in 308 20" barrel . nice and light thats my choice
    Atb steve

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    Before you get shot down about considering a Remington by all those who will tell you they are garbage, inaccurate, poor build quality and so on, I have actually owned and used them, about 6 in total and a mate probably the same. So 12 between us and not one had any problems and were all accurate straight from the off.

    Some went on to be custom rifles only because we wanted to, not because we had to. I also used McMillan stocks.

    What I would say though, is that the link you have popped on shows a rifle costing a fair bit and I would think you would get one cheaper than that by shopping around.

    You are also into the area of a good secondhand Sako which, although I would not put you off a Remington for the above reasons, I cannot deny that the build quality of a Sako is far better. They are also more desirable should you decide to change. They are not in my experience (of 12 rifles) any more accurate than a Remington although you will shortly no doubt be told differently.

    If you are open at all to the calibre it may provide you with more options regarding make or model of rifle.

    However, depending on how far you can go with your budget, you could pick up an old rifle or bare Remington action, and get the rifle you really want built with a McMillan stock, custom barrel, Arnold Jewell trigger...

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    I saw somewhere that Open Season were doing 243 Blaser R93s with over 1000 off the retail price. I've no idea what sort of price that makes them but it might be worth considering as no reason for any after market modification then.

    All I can say is that I like my Blaser and it makes a great stalking rifle but the downside is the cost.

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    The rifle you speak off already exists - it is in my gunsafe. Sako 75 action, Lother Walther barrel, McMillan stock, barrel cut at 20" with a Roedale Delta light weight mod.

    There is only one problem with your thought processes - a 243? The ultimate stalking rifle cannot be in such a sad cartridge. You need to go 260 or 7/08.

    Alternatively you could just buy a Blaser in a suitable calibre.
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    Tikka t3 Stainless synthetic is more than capable of doing the job, and you'll not cry when youv'e draged it through the heather. Then be prepared to spend the money saved on a good scope, I made the mistake of not, but Ive realised the error of my ways and that'll be the next purchase.

    P.s. If its mainly for stalking you might want to rethink the caliber.


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    HI Brian thanks for your help what about a .308 ????

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    Calibre choice

    PS It seems my calibre choice may be off I currently shoot 308 please add your calibre recommendations thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    There is only one problem with your thought processes - a 243? The ultimate stalking rifle cannot be in such a sad cartridge..
    WOAH!!!! explain yourself Sir!

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    There is nothing wrong with the .308

    For a jack of all trades one rifle in the cabinet there are better calibre's than the .243 and the .308

    Hence Brian's suggestion of the .260 and 7-08.

    My stalking rifle is 7-08 which I reload for. It works well in a 20" barrel and is nice and handy in the woods. However works a charm out in the open.

    Bit of a reloaders calibre in all honesty, as is the .260.

    As for rifle choice, I have owned several different rifle's including a couple of custom remmington clones and a factory tikka T3. I am not that impressed with the remmington clones and would buy another T3 for my next stalking rifle.

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