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Thread: Cheap threading job done while I waited.

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    Cheap threading job done while I waited.

    Here's a couple of pictures of one of my rifles that I have just had chopped.
    It was a .308 Remington VLSF in Adl configuration with an ABS stock and a 22" barrel.
    It is now in a Bdl configuration with a Laminated stock with the beaver forend shaved to a 'Sporter' profile, glass and pillar bedded, and painted with duracoat, left over from when my wife painted the garden gnomes.
    It now has a 16" barrel with a thread protector made from the chopped off bit in such a way that when screwed onto the muzzle the flutes line up making it look better than had they not lined up.
    I have just completed some reloads with a 125gn bullet and some faster burning powder than I usually use ready for a range day which is on the cards in the near future.
    I think, after all this fiddling, this rifle might be a 'Keeper'

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    Eddy, that is not bad at all. I am sure it will shoot.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Looks great, where did you get it done and for how much if you don't mind me asking


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    I'm afraid he only does Firearms related jobs for me but all he asked for was about thirty % of what others charge as he finds these jobs rather easy.
    I naturally give him more than he asks, but then that is so that I can always go back !!
    Here's a muzzle brake he made for my Blaser with the 15x1 spigot thread.
    That was a little more than just a straight turning and threading job so I gave him a little more than he asked but still not more than the cost of a couple of Sunday lunches

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