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Thread: level 2 in N Devon.

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    level 2 in N Devon.

    Hi all,
    thinking of doing my level 2 i live in the North Devon area and wondered if any other stalkers nearby have or are in the process of their level 2.

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    Another North Devonian Barum? The little White Town? or further out.

    Did you do your level one here as well?


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    You got it," the little white town " twas a week or so ago.

    Yes i did my level 1 out towards ilfracoombe way a few years ago.
    How about you ? pm if you would rather.

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    I'm in Barum, HOPEFULLY going to do DSC1 this year, work and money permitting.

    Who did yo do your DSC1 with over Combe way?


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    If you are looking for a local level two - Paul Messenger at Hartland is a good contact. Mind you, the comment about Ilfracombe may mean you know him already!

    He is a DMQ Assessor as well as offering Red hind culling, Google 'Beckland Game' or PM me if interested.

    Rgds Ian

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    You "local" as well?


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