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Thread: skull weights

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    skull weights

    can anybody tell me what a rough percentage a roe buck head will loose over the 3 month drying out period i have a skull that weight is 510 grams at the moment i know that 90 grams will be deducted for its not been cut cheers

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    Danish friend of mine used to reckon on nearly always 130g. Thats from the south though. We used to say that 530g was a bronze, 580g was a silver and 620g was a gold but alot depends on beauty, color, volume, pearling and sometimes even the person measuring it. It's a good one but probably not a medal, sorry.

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    It will change depending on the length of time the buck has been out of velvet.

    I see about 10% reduction on early season bucks, the later summer bucks don't seem to loose so much as the core of the antler has dried out more given the longer time after fraying velvet. If you saw through the base of an early season bucks antlers then do the same later in the season you will see what I mean.

    Volume is more important than weight when it comes to assessing a medal head, I've seen a full skull of 472g score 106cic and another 526g score 102.5cic. Both regular 6 point heads but the lighter head had much better volume than the heavy one.


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