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Thread: Tikka T3 lite or super Varmint.

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    Tikka T3 lite or super Varmint.

    Guy's, been looking at the T3 lite and also Super Varmint in .243, whats the main difference between these two rifles, is there one better than the other, lighter, heavier stability etc etc.

    Would appreciate any feedback, preferences etc.

    Cheers Bryan

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    I assume you're looking at them both in stainless synthetic?

    The lite is, well, lite - it has a sporter barrel, whereas the varmint has the heavier varmint barrel. The super varmint has an adjustable cheek piece on the stock, a larger bolt knob and a built in picatinny rail - other than that, not a lot - same action, same stock.

    As to which is better, it will be down to your personal preference - if you haven't handled them, you won't know. Don't be tempted to buy a rifle you haven't handled at least a version of.
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    I own one of each, the lite in 7mm08 and the varmint in .22-250, if you're planning on using the rifle as a stalking rifle - get the lite. The varmint is just too heavy as a rifle to carry about all day, or even a few hours for that matter.

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    As other posts for differences in the rifle.

    Real issue is you! What do you want to do with the rifle - is it going to be a vermin/ fox dropper from back of pick up, do you want to do range work with it or is it a pure stalking rifle? Possibly a mixture of all and other things.

    Are you considering a moderator?

    For mostly stalking, the varmint wont give you many advantages and a good number of downsides - weight being the main one.

    Equally, if Hulk Hogan looks like an seven stone weakling to you, then the extra weight may feel more comfortable.

    Most clients that come out with a varmint type rifle - which they generally love for other stuff, rapidly gravitate to something lighter for stalking.
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    Great feedback guy's cheers, the rifle would mainly be for stalking but also foxing from the back of my pick up too. Lite seems like a better option with the option of bipods and moderator coming into the equation too, I'll leave moderator questions for another

    Thanks again.


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    I have had 3 supervarmint rifles ( 2 of them in 243 )
    The T3 Supervarmint is great if your shooting from bipod.
    However its not a gun I would want to have on my back if you do alot of walking. Nor is it ideal as a vehicle gun.

    Get the T3 lite IMO.

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    Its really down to the weight issue as both are brilliant rifles out of the box. I use the varmint as my main rifle for the hill and i dont notice it to much because i had a ssg 69 before that. I prefer the varmint for the lamping as its nice and compact for the land rover.

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    the super varmint is ridiculousl;y heavy

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    Im with the majority,depends what you want it for?. had a T3 varmint in .223 , got it at a great price so snapped it up , very nice but not really practical as it was a walkabout foxing gun and was way to heavy and long , for me a good gun but in the wrong spec, since changed to a Sako Hunter so much nicer to carry around and a big difference in weight if being honest

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    I have a T3 Varmint that I've used for everything from open hill stalking to driven boar. I've never found the weight to be a problem.
    It isn't really what I would call a varmint weight barrel, more of a heavy sporter.

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