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Thread: Error in judgement.

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    Error in judgement.

    Shot a buck on the 12th. Antlers clean, still in winter coat. six pointer.8 inches very short tines, thin. With him being clean and winter coat I thought he was an older buck that needed culling. Couldn't see his body clearly to judge it any better. Cleaned the lower jaw, shock, permanent pre molars and third molars just coming through. Which makes him less than a year old. Anybody else seen young bucks clean this early.

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    I would say that all age classes are clean around my way, l have not seen a buck in velvet for about 10 days now.

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    We have still got bucks that are not clean.

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    Still in velvet here.
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    Young bucks still in velvet in south Suffolk and in groups with does. Older ones are clean and hard antlered and usually alone.

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    Youngsters still in velvet. Older ones are clean and hard antlered.

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    Mine are clean in somerset

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    Most of the animals ive seen up here are still in velvet.
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    Yep most in velvet here

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