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Thread: Black otter

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    Black otter

    Stalking yesterday, a black otter walked past me, it continued down the road about 30yards in front of me like a spaniel hunting in front of me unconcerned that I was there. I have seen plenty o tters but this is the first pure black. I never knew there was such a thing. Any one else came across one? Jim

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    Sure it wasn't a mink on steroids?

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    It was within 5 metres of me at one point. Must have been big mink. If it was a mink it would be dead. I have a poor photo but cannot get it off my phone. I have mms it to my son in law. Hopefully he can email it back.pjim

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    We have otters feeding in the river infront of the house. Had one come in quite close this morning to have a look
    at my springer. Lovely creatures until they hop in the boat on the mooring and make sh;t of everything inside.
    We've seen them cross the road behind our house at night. These are more chocolate brown.

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    I have watched them for hours in loch etive playing with mussels. The local fish farmers were not so happy about them. Beatiful to watch. This one would get to two fishing ponds if it kept on the road it was heading down. Jim

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    i was pike fishing last year and in front of my rods a big surge of bubbles i went to have a look but nothing then all of a sudden an otter jumped out in front walked past me and had a big stretch on a tree not even bothered by me it wasnt like it was a big commecial place its a syndicate and not many people fish the place it was unreal . not seen a black one though,atb wayne
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