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Thread: Fieldsports Britain

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    Fieldsports Britain

    As much as i enjoy it,take a look at the latest episode "wreck fishing and cowboy rabbits" 21 minutes in,shotgunning rabbits bolted by ferrets.

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    Much as Roy Lupton knows his stuff, i wouldn't go ferreting with him.
    It looked pure luck that he didn't shoot one of his ferrets and when he said the rabbits were only fit for dog food im not surprised as most of them looked about 10yds away.
    Many of the shots shown on FSTV look dangerous and the 300yd Roe buck shown last week may well have been within Roys capabilities but not the sort of thing to broadcast on the internet.

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    I have shot rabbits bolted by ferrets a couple of times, and as long as you can tell the difference between the two I don't see the problem.
    You are controlling pests, the range you shoot them at shouldn't be an issue, if you are shooting purely for the table that is another matter.

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    lately its been disapointing ,but still a billion times better than the ''countryfile'' i prefer mr lupton to craven by a mile !

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    Sorry didnt mean the aspects of pest control in meant the shot that was taken about 21 minutes in,up the hedgeline towards his shooting partner,that was just plain dangerous,is this how we want viewers to see the sport?

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    Just had another look and 20.30 ish we have a closed shotgun pointed directly at the camera....jesus.

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    well just watched it x2 and the hedgerow shot shot was deffo safe enough thats a camera angle and if you remember the rabbits are either bolting along the hedge or beyond it i would say that was safe.
    as for the barrels at the camera it was close but not quite at him, and whos to say it wasn't empty and he had shut it to bend down so as not to plug his barrel, not great editing i agree but you do not have all the facts.
    I suggest people enjoy it and stop just watching it to pick holes in it.
    you all cry how bad this ,how unsafe that is, but how many antis have seen this and used it for anything un-towards????
    they probably would never know if you lot didn't keep crying about things.
    I did a bit for telly and someone said the gun should have been made safe when we crossed a fence........ it wasn't even loaded the magazine and bullets were back at the car it was staged for the camera... I agree not great practice to show, BUT everyone there knew the weapon was inert so we maybe let our gaurd down... just pointing out everything is not filmed LIVE. the ending on the film i did were i walked past the camera was filmed 7 times yes 7 from 3 camera angles. 2 days filming went in for 12 minutes televised.
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    There seemed to be points when the guns were getting awefully close towards crossing at each other. I am sure they are experienced and safe, but you never know who is watching and thinking that it is acceptable.

    Maybe just the editing, or making it for TV, but it is a bad image, IMHO.

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    Why do people feel that when ever this program comes on you have to slag it off, I have never watched it so have no reason to defend it. If someone filmed your movements, someone would find something to say about it.

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    I bet if you recorded your own shoot, there'd be more guns pointing at each other and crossing over people's heads, shots taken near beaters, etc than you'd like to think....

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