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Thread: A1 deer

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    A1 deer

    The jungle drums are saying that the deer in the field by Tranent are to be shot. Can anyone cast any light on this ?

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    Long time coming!!

    from speaking to my mother she tells me the numbers have reduced from what she was seeing last year, up to 25 in 4 fields at Fa'Side Castle. It cant be healthy to have that type of density.


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    Doubt it, the fields next to the A1 belong to a farmer from Edinburgh and she will not want them shot. Further back they belong to two localfarmers, both whom have stated the deer are to be left alone.

    Yes there have been a lot of deer there but the density is not that great. They are the only beasts in the locale so have a wide ranging area to move into.

    What jungle drums anyway ?

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    I can't reveal my sources !

    I also said that they were effectively in a santuary and could not be touched but " the source " said he knew that but he had been told, on good authority, that someone has been given the green light. Hence the question, who........................?

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    The numbers certainly seem to be down.

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    It would seem perfectly reasonable to me that eventually they will need to manage the numbers of deer there, but to be honest it will be like shooting fish in a barrel !
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    Well I know all who have the rights there. I speak to one lot so will ask, The other lot, No way will they shoot them.

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