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Thread: Camping in Workington, Cumbria HELP!!!!!!

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    Camping in Workington, Cumbria HELP!!!!!!

    Iím looking for somewhere to camp near Workington in Cumbria. Iím leaving the RAF at the beginning of June and starting a new job in Workington. Due to my wifeís job, sheíll be staying in Oxfordshire for 6-8 weeks with the carpet monkey while Iím getting things sorted out for us in Cumbria. Rather than stay in a B+B, Iím planning to camp as Iíd prefer it and itíll be cheaper. There arenít many camp sites near Workington (Iíd prefer to be within cycling distance). SoÖÖ..Iím hoping to find a friendly and understanding farmer that would let me put the tent up in the corner of a field, NOT FOR FREE. I am self-sufficient and need nothing but water (I can get this from where Iíll be working). Iíll do all I can do be invisible, and will move the tent at least weekly to avoid killing the grass. As I have said, I will need this for a maximum of 8 weeks as Iíll be looking for a house for the family during that time and, itís a firm deadline as we have to be out of the quarter by the beginning of August.I donít have a big tent and am more than happy to keep a low profile.Thank you for taking the time to read this, any help and advice is welcomed.

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    I had thought that someone might have some comment.

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    hi geordie, you could try whins farm at harrington , its just outside of workington. Tel- 01946 830373 they have a camping field when theres a vintage rally on in the area, best regards graeme

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    I called them and they said that they will be able to sort me out, so thanks for the pointer. Once I get the family sorted out I'll have to start trying to get some permission for shooting. I'm glad that it'll be the last time I need to do it for a long time, I'v had to do it every 3-2 years so far.

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