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Thread: 100 Grain rounds or lighter?

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    100 Grain rounds or lighter?

    I use 100Gr rounds in my .243 Win, shooting at Roe up to 100yds on average and the odd fallow, plus the occasional fox. Will there be any merits in opting for a lighter grain round for less bang perhaps? Would I lose out on the flexibility i have at the moment or can i afford to drop to something smaller? Would be interested to hear experiences here.


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    you can drop back quite far in all honesty, I would say down to 85's such as the federal 85g gameking hollow points. very good for roe, great for fox.

    100g for fox is fine, but something like the 85g HP might be a wee bit flatter, faster and less chance of pass through, etc. and it's also potentially a better stabilising bullet in a standard factory 1:10 twist barrel which is quite common for a .243.

    mind you, I started out stalking with a .243 and a 100g Norma SP, and shot everything with it perfectly for a while, from vermin to red stags. had it not been for reloading, I would probably have stuck to that, or the 85g Fed HP gameking if I was shooting extended periods without going for red deer.

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    i use 100sp and 70ballistic tips. have used both for fox and deer. if they didnt shoot to the same point i would compromise and just use the 100 as it has a more predictable terminal effect on the deer. I have never tried a lighter sp bullet but that may be an option. If the 100s have been working for you I would just stick with them.

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    A 70grain bullet is more than capable of handling any of the above quarry, the only thing you have to be careful of is keeping yourself legal.

    In order to be able to take fallow as well you "shouldnt" drop below 100grains.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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    Thanks Gents, i use federal 100 Gr Soft Points and to be fair they have always been a safe bet. Think I will hang fire for the moment as Pete says, and when they run out i may consider trying the 85 gr HP. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deer Assassin View Post
    In order to be able to take fallow as well you "shouldnt" drop below 100grains.
    True for Scotland, but not a requirement in England/Wales.

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    It may be worth trying different bullet weights to find which ones your rifle shoots most accurately, e.g. my .243 gives optimum results with 90-95grn bullets, but you can only find out what is best in yours by trial & error.atb Tim

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    I used 85 grn bullets when I had my .243 and both roe and fox.
    I found it to be the best weight for my particular rifle.

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    If you are only shooting at the ranges you mention I would not even consider changing the load, start to go light and you won't get a decent exit with a heavy fallow buck.

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    Agree with prometheus !

    Although i use a differenc round ( 6.5 ) i stopped useing 100gr for Fallow. Killed them but over 95% failed to exit. Now i could say i am a great shot, but i would say i was just lucky that i did not have a badly placed shot when useing 100gr sp bullets.

    Its all well and good saying 100gr ok, and most of the time it is but i for one have more respect for the Deer i shoot. And think they deserve to be found quickly with a good blood producing exit in the case of a non perfect shot.

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