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Thread: First Buck of the season

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    First Buck of the season

    Had a number of cracking mornings after this buck, infact we have being playing a game of cat and mouse since the first of april.
    I'v nearly had him on foot on numerous occasions but he has always escaped to live another day, almost had him from two different high seats but there would either be branches or cover in the way.
    Even had him lay up 60m just to the side of a seat taking the "p" with trees hiding him.
    After stalking around this morning sitting up 3 different seats for a while i was about to give up as it was getting late, then out of the corner of my eye I saw him making his way to the very ride i was looking down.
    Wanted to try the .308 with 150 sst's on a heart/lung shot but the buck did'nt look like he was going to give me a broadside so it wasn't going to be, anyway his luck ran out and i have my first roe buck of the season. DF

    Vid is best veiwed with settings set to hd =

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    Nice clip and good shooting fella.Bonny even heed too.

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    Nice one DF cracking video and nice photos at the end.


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    Good video, well done. He's a nice buck.
    Best Regards,

    Jedward. The reason why there are two barrels on a shotgun.

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    exellent ,lovely buck that.
    atb wayne
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    Nice one Bob, getting better with that camera as well.

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    Nice one, great video!

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    nice one DF, was he hit a little high? he dropped to shot and never even leapt at all.
    and if you did hit bone, what was the exit like with them sst's/btips?
    just curious.

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