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Thread: duracoat job by Jager (James Clark)

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    duracoat job by Jager (James Clark)

    Just thought I’d post a couple of pics of my recently duracoated stock, done by James Clark of Jager sporting arms. All I can say is fantastic job, fantastic attention to detail and masking, and good service all round. An absolute pleasure to deal with.

    Before in black

    After in “Better Green” – its called “better green” because its better than the colour it was before

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    Nice,,,but oh, better get trade membership before admin gets hold of ya for advertising through a friend

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    i was complimenting the work of a trade member

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    I know mate, I was having a bit of a laugh due to controversy on other recent threads.

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    great job,i preffered the black.... sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by triggersqueezer View Post
    great job,i preffered the black.... sorry
    my Mrs said that too!

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    looking good Gary let me know how it shoots mate.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    i like the green mate,did my tikka 30-06 in krylon cammo olive green,it looks superb,u may have seen it on classifieds when it was for sale on here.

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    It does give a stock or barrelled action a new lease of life, not only that it protects the rifle from the elements! It doesn't cost that much to get done either, moderators, scopes, mounts and the like can all be done at reasonable cost.
    Krylon isn't solvent resistant, the products I use are, they are not affect by the cleaning fluids we use.

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    I used a nonslip hard top lacquer to protect it,it gives the stock a grippy feel to it,you would never know it was wood,everybody who has handled it thought it was some type of synthetic stock.

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